Information for authors

Order of reviewing of research articles manuscripts for the “Conifers of the boreal area” journal

  1. All of the research articles submitted to the journal should be reviewed.

  2. Editor-in-Chief and Executive secretary of the journal determine whether the article corresponds to the journal profile and design demands and send it to be reviewed by the specialist, doctor of science or candidate of science of the close scientific field.

  3. Reviewers are notified of the responsibility of data confidentiality containing in the manuscripts. Reviewers are not allowed to copy the articles. The period of reviewing is defined by the Executive secretary.

  4. The review should contain: a) correspondence of the content of the article to its title, b) extent of correspondence of the article to the contemporary achievements in the field of science regarded, c) estimation of the presentation form of the material, d) expediency of the article publishing, e) detailed description of the advantages and disadvantages of the article.

  5. Reviews are verified according to the rules of the reviewer residence organization.

  6. Articles are reviewed anonymously. Author has the possibility to read the text of the review. Anonymity violation is possible only in case if the reviewer declares of plagiarism or falsification of the materials given in the article.

  7. The executive secretary sends the texts of the reviews to the authors of manuscripts recommended for revision. The author should consider the recommendations while preparing the new version of the article or make a reasoned disproof. Revised article is iteratively reviewed.

  8. In case when the reviewer does not recommend the article for publishing the editorial board can send it for revision by the author as well as for the review by another reviewer. The text of the negative review is sent to the author.

  9. Final decision on publishing is made by the journal editorial board and is written down in the editorial board minutes. The positive review does not guarantee the publication of the article.

  10. If the article is agreed for publishing by the editorial board the executive secretary informs the author about the period of publishing. The text of review is sent to the author.

  11. Originals of the reviews are stored at the editorial office for 5 years.