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Редакция журнала «Хвойные бореальной зоны»

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Conifers of the boreal zone

theoretical scientific journal

Dear Friends!

Since 2003 we have been publishing the journal “Conifers of the boreal zone” a successor of the interuniversity digest of the scientific papers “Larch and its complex processing”, regularly published in 1962-1988. It presents the results of the researches on Biology, Ecology of coniferous forests and forests resources processing.

The forests of the boreal zone became the subject of our journal not accidentally for they occupy approximately 30% of the world forests area and 2/3 are on the territory of Russia. Thus, they play a great ecological and social-economical significance for our country as well as for the whole world society.

Fragile ecosystems of the northern forests undergo the intensive anthropogenic influence. That is why the economical activity in them must be based on the advanced knowledge in Biology and Ecology, the latest achievements in the field of the forest resources usage.

We see the main goal of our journal in promoting of the advanced achievements and organizing the open discussion platform.

We hope the information published in our journal will arise interest and bring benefit in the professional activity.

The productive creative collaboration is kindly welcome!

Chief Editor

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