Journal Conifers of the boreal  zone ”publishes the results of the original (never published before) researches  aiming the solving of the fundamental and applied questions on the following issiues:

·         Biology and ecology, forestry;

·         Technology of logging and mechanical processing of wood;

·         Chemical technology of vegetative raw processing;

Required materials:

·         article and  abstract in Russian and English in 2 copies;

·         electronic copy containing separate files with article text and illustrations. Electronic and hard copies of the article should be identical;

·         information about the authors should be presented both in hard and electronic copies;

·         contract of copyright transfer;

·         decision of the expert commission;

·         covering letter for publication from the residence organization.

Design of the article text

The articles published in the journal should be in Russian (English translation is desirable for further publication in English) or English.  Before the article text the abstracts  in Russian and English are  placed (size of each must not exceed ½ of the page and constitute no less than ¼ of the page). The last page must contain the signatures of all of the authors. The article should be accompanied by covering letters from all of the residence organizations of all of the authors. Key words are obligatory. The article should give the exact and brief contemporary view of the research, description of the study methods and discussions of the data obtained. Only the official abbreviations are allowed. Names of the organizations, products marks when first mentioned are given in full. The title of the article should completely represent its content. The standardized article structure is strongly recommended, including the subtitles: INTRODUCTION (THEORETICAL ANALYSIS), MATERIALS AND METHODS OF RESEARCH, EXPERIMENTAL PART, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION OF THEM, CONCLUSION, LITERATURE CITED. The size of the article is up to 10 printing pages.



Special styles, patterns and macro commands should be avoided.  MS Word setting by default are strongly recommended.

  • Times New Roman, 12pt. font.
  • 1 cm indents.
  • Single line spacing.
  • No double spacing.


  • Images and tables should be placed after the links in the text.
  • Tables formatting by default should be used.


  • Raster figures are attached to the text as separate files in JPG or JPEG format with the resolution of no less than 300 dpi, vector figures should be put in groups.


  • Diagrams built in Ехсеl, Statistica, Statgraf, MathCAD, Matlab, Curve Expert should contain the link to the original file.
  • Combining of the several diagrams into one raster figure with unreadable text and elements is not allowed.


Mathematical equations (chemical formulae) should begin with the new passage and be numbered by the Arabic numbers in round brackets in the right page margin. Only those mathematical equations and chemical formulae should be numbered that are referred to in the text.  Cumbersome mathematic symbols should be avoided.

Literature cited

Literature cited is given under the title  LITERATURE CITED at the end of the article and done according to the STATE STANDARD 7.1-2003. in Russian and English (for the system of Russian Science Citation Index). Authors themselves take all the responsibility for the exactness of the bibliographical links.